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    We are the manufacturer and distributor of Evaporative Cooling Pad Portable Air Coolers, It is a very stylish small medium and large size of cooler with Strong Ductable Body for longer life. Evaporative Pad Portable Air Cooler is a very effective air cooler compared with branded fibre body air coolers, which come with comparatively much smaller Evaporative Pad area. The cooling capacity of Evaporative Pad Portable Air Cooler is around 130 Sft.

    Room Air Cooler

    • Speed motor control
    • High cooling at very low consumption
    • Air deflection system
    • Water level indicator
    • Water level controler
    • Ice drop
    • Easy removabe side panels
    • Diverter for efficient room converage
    • Hours manufacturing helps to maintain the quality
    • Best suited for india conditions
    • Your Trusted brand for a long time
    • Direct sale

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