Cooling Pad

Cellulose Cooling Pad

We are the supplier of Cellulose Cooling Pad and our organization is indulged in offering Cellulose Cooling Pad to our customers in India. Evaporative cellulose cooling pad consists of specially impregnated , This is the best cooling media available globally as it absorbs and retains water to provide the maximum cooling efficiency.

Eco Cool Cooling Pad

Our organization is offering Eco Cooling Pad to our customers in India. We are the only supplier of Eco Cooling Pad in Hyderabad, The temperature reduction depends on the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the ambient incoming air, Our offered Eco Cooling Pad is proved to be an economical way of cooling for mushroom farming, poultry farms, dairy farms livestock farms, green houses and industrial coolers.

Greenhouse Cooling Pad

We are engaged in offering Green House Cooling Pad to our clients. the greenhouse materials and components from Greenhouse structure pipes, clamps, gutters, shafts, connectors, profiles, wires, plastic covering film, poly-carbonate sheets, This Green House Cooling Pad is mainly used in the closed green houses to give cooling effect to green house or the ripening chamber.

PVC Fills 12mm and 18mm

PVC Fills 12mm and 18mm avelabull are instrumental in offering PVC fills (12mm) to our clients. This Cooling Pad (18mm) plays an important role in cooling units to cool the environment. When the water is pumped over the pads, it becomes saturated with water. We are the only supplier of PVC Fills 12mm and 18mm avelabull in Hyderabad.